Our People

Thomas L. Zannino, P.E.

Mr. Zannino is a registered Professional Engineer with a Masters Degree in Geotechnical Engineering that began working as a Geotechnical Engineer in 1974. His specialties include: all facets of Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Studies, deep and shallow foundations, surface and subsurface landfills, retaining walls, shoring plans and site development. Mr. Zannino can be contacted at Tom@zanninoengr.com.

Education: WV University

BSCE 1974
MSCE 1979

Registration: VA, WV, KY, OH, IN

Mark E. McLain, P.E.

Mr. McLain is a registered Professional Engineer that has been working in the Geotechnical Engineering field since 1993. Mr. McLain specializes in: Environmental Site Assessments, groundwater monitoring, Geotechnical Engineering, and retaining walls. Mr. McLain can be contacted at Mark.McLain@zanninoengr.com.

Education: Virginia Tech

BSCE 1992
MSCE 1999 (Environmental)

Registration: VA

Taylor Y. Dowell, E.I.T.

Mr. Dowell is a staff engineer, training to be a registered Professional Engineer. Mr. Dowell interned with Zannino during the summer of 2013, where he gained experience performing construction materials testing. After graduating, Mr. Dowell joined ZEI in 2014. Mr. Dowell currently specializes in residential shrink-swell soil studies and commercial geotechnical reports. Mr. Dowell can be contacted at Taylor.Dowell@zanninoengr.com.

Education: Virginia Military Institute

BSCE 2014

David B. Sanders

Mr. Sanders is the Construction Services Supervisor who has been with ZEI since 2000. Mr. Sanders is highly certified in all areas of construction materials testing and has experience on major commercial and industrial development projects. Mr. Sanders can be contacted at David.Sanders@zanninoengr.com

Gregory S. Cox

Mr. Cox has over 16 years of experience in the field of Construction Materials Testing as a Senior Technician. Mr. Cox has experience in concrete and soil testing, proofrolling, masonry, fireproofing, and structural steel inspections, concrete coring and VDOT Testing, including soils, concrete and asphalt. He is certified for confined space inspection for caissons and other below grade confined spaces. Mr. Cox also currently serves as our Laboratory Manager for our Soils and Concrete Laboratories.