At Zannino Engineering, Inc., our goal is to provide our customers the best geo-environmental services available in the Richmond marketplace, operate our business affairs with honesty and integrity, and create a work atmosphere where all team members can realize their fullest professional potential with future growth opportunities.


We perform investigations and produce designs during the development phase that give designers and owners confidence that they can build on or in the soil of their sites. We complete that confidence by performing tests on materials and inspect sites for compliance with design requirements and building codes during construction.

Our People

Each member of our team has unique, God-given talents and resources that they apply to every assigned project. They take full responsibility for their actions and outcomes and diligently work for the success of all parties involved with each transaction. They are trustworthy and fair to all with their time and talents and are concerned about the individual needs of each project assignment.

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We would love to get to know you better or hear about ways we could better serve you. Give us your comments, praise, criticism, suggestions or requests for additional information. Also, let us know if you are looking for employment opportunities. You may get in touch with us through our Contact page.

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